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Blockchain Growth Training Online Course


From beginners with a curiosity, start ups looking to develop Blockchain enabled propositions, enterprise and government leaders looking to get a feel for the end to end journey of working with this technology.

  • On-Demand
  • 5+ hrs of material
  • 150,000+ students
  • 5,000+ certifications issued
  • 72 countries with students

Class Overview

Duration: 5+ hours
Access: 1 Year
Format: Self-Paced Learning
Certificate of Completion: Included

This is not a traditional ‘Blockchain 101’ where you learn about how Blockchains work technically, there are lots of those out there. This course is focused specifically on GROWTH. How to get from 0 to 1, and 1 to 100 but asking the right questions, developing winning strategies, making great choices, and working with the community, partners and others to grow Blockchain-enabled businesses, applications or platforms.

This course represents the 10 most important growth questions that I have been asked by individuals, multi-nationals, governments and start-ups throughout my career in Blockchain, and I’m excited to be able to share my answers to these questions based on 20 years working in strategy and growth, and the last 6 years at some of the best-known organizations delivering Blockchain technology for real.


From beginners with a curiosity, start-ups looking to develop Blockchain-enabled propositions, enterprise and government leaders looking to get a feel for the end-to-end journey of working with this technology, and anyone interested in tech-led growth outside of Blockchain as many of the principles outlined here are applicable to anyone.

What’s Included

With class you will receive:

  • 5+ Hours of training
  • Certificate of Completion
  • One Year Access of unlimited access to course content
  • Ability to stop, pause rewind and move through all chapters
  • Class Slides

Course Outline

  1. How to learn about Blockchain and Web 3.0
  2. How to get a job in Blockchain
  3. How to pitch Blockchain to my Boss / Colleagues (particularly enterprise and government)
  4. How to establish a ‘Blockchain Business’ and strategy
  5. Deciding which Blockchain to use
  6. Where to base your Blockchain project
  7. How to get funding for a Blockchain project
  8. How to scale users or an ecosystem
  9. How to establish a Blockchain team
  10. How to improve delivery of your Blockchain project

About On Demand Learning

These courses are designed for those who prefer to develop the skills they need on their time and at their own pace. You will be provided one year of access to the class and all supporting course material.


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